5AM (Star Guitar Remix) – Salm

Step out into the evening,
west coast air my lungs are breathing.
Dreaming as I walk the streets,
crosswalks all seem to talk to me.
So I say, “what up?”
I’m on my way downtown,
on the prowl for a male pronoun.
Levi’s bunched in my sneaks.
I’ve been waiting for this night all week.
The green, the yellow, the red,
the lights keep flashing inside my head.
Could’ve stayed in but instead I got all dressed.
I’m like butter in [a slice of bread].
I feel incredible,
and my friends are buzzed.
Could do without the girls, yeah, just because
stay up till 5.
It’s so nice to be alive.

When I, when I lose track of time.
The world is mine, and I
keep dancing got the whole night left.
Been a lot of places but I ain’t done yet.