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OCTUBRE14 – Lista #TheMorningSong – Spotify

OCTUBRE14 – Lista #TheMorningSong – Grooveshark

Girls – Slow Magic


Otitis – Mourn



Oh – Mt. Si.


Mr Noah – Panda Bear

This dog got bit on a leg
He got a really big chip on a leg
Don’t want to get out of bed
Unless he feel like it justified

Here comes the loaf again
Drip a lot, drop a lot
Become an oaf again
Trip a lot, trip a lot
So wide to the other side
Shuts an eye
But he stays like a stump inside
Hey, hey, hey


The Sun (feat. Graham Candy) – Parov Stelar

Don’t stop, you got to move.
Keep moving on, moving on.
I’m never gonna stop.

Now I’m gonna tell my momma
that I’m a traveller.
I’m gonna follow the sun.
Folllow the sun.

SKIES – The Last Port